LAYMEN'S CLUB; Construction Tour 2016
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A selection of photos from the
Construction Tour at the Cathedral
Saturday, April 2, 2016

We began with our current project; the upcoming restoration of the Grand Staircase

On April 2nd, some 30 club members and guests were led by John MacKay on a tour of the current construction projects. John is the Cathedral's Capital Projects Manager and the tour's primary focus was to take a close look at the construction projects the Laymen's Club is currently funding with an added opportunity to view and ask questions about projects the Club has funded in the past.

Fellowship Lunch at V&T's beforehand

and Chris summarizing the tour at the end

Along the way, we got to see the new stone for the new steps and where they are going. We also got to walk along the new North Cloister and heard about the lighting project. Then we walked up the new handicap access ramp to go into the North Transcept where John explained the new roof that's coming. Our final stop was to inspect the Compass Rose which needs repair.

Our new North Cloister under construction

Chris explaining cover stones and masonry architecture

Thanks to Phyllis Murray, Hal Weiner and Chuck Roberts for the photos