LAYMEN'S CLUB: gift for the restoration of the Madeleine L'Engle Library
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The Laymen's Club donates funds for the restoration of the Madeleine L'Engle Library

(11/18/14) On behalf of all the members of The Laymen's Club, our Board of Governors recently approved a $6,000 payment for the restoration of the Madeleine L'Engle Library. This is the third contribution to The Cathedral that the club has made this year (it follows our repair of one of the Great Bronze Doors this past Lent and our small donation to the Poet's Corner in October).

Photo at right shows our officers presenting the check for The Laymen's Club; Wayne Yankus, President Elect, and Christopher L. Johnson, Club President. Receiving the check for the Cathedral are The Very Reverend Dr. James A. Kowalski, Dean of the Cathedral, and Sally Benner, Vice President of Development and Strategy.

The Library restoration included repainting and repair of the ceiling and walls (which had water damage and over a hundred years of deterioration), removal of all books for dusting, vacuming of shelves, sconces, carved wood panels and furniture, removal of plastic table covers and finger paint from ACT use, removal of Masonite covering the floor, and removal of stored items not meant to be in the Library. This work now returns The Library to our list of usable spaces on The Close and is on the Cathedral's event calendar for our next Board of Governor's meeting in January.

The Cathedral's Library contains more than 20,000 volumes dating all the way to the mid-16th Century. The majority are religious works, but include recordings of sermons and other items. Over one hundred books date to before the year 1800 and 672 volumes are not found in any online library database. Download a copy of "Your Bible Will Not Break", a history of the Cathedral Library documenting its collection, by Edward Jones

Madeleine by the Library fireplaceFor more than one hundred years, The Laymen's Club has used its capital fund and other donations to sponsor various projects in the construction of the Cathedral and other buildings on The Close. By this particular project, our club and the administration reaffirm our commitment to Madeleine L'Engle's legacy, as both longtime Cathedral Librarian and stalwart supporter of the Cathedral's mission and purpose.

The Laymen's Club has long recognized "leading lights" like Madeleine, who understood the important mission of this Cathedral but who also, by their great gifts, furthered that mission and helped to increase the Cathedral's influence in the world.

We also would like to recognize and thank the Cathedral's administration and staff - in particular Mike Edwards and Lisa Schubert - without whom this restoration would not have been possible.

Through its contributions, The Laymen's Club has a long history of enhancing the procession of pilgrims through the Portal of Paradise. Each person who enters therein walks under the Pilgrim's Frieze our club contributed (in 1965) as well as the Gable Cross (1964), continuing along our most famous project, the Pilgrim's Pavement (1934), past our recently contributed Railings to the Great Choir (2012) and over the Compass Rose, installed by Laymen's Club funds in 1992.

"Hallowed this dwelling, where the Lord abideth, This is none other than the gate of heaven;
Strangers and pilgrims, seeking homes eternal, Pass through its portals."
- Hymn 361